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It's About Conversation

Your website acts as your primary communication arm to potential customers. What is your site, this “silent sales rep,” saying about your business? When people land on your site, there is a silent conversation happening between them and this sales rep, your web site.  

While people should not judge you by the look of your website, we know from research people will assume the quality of your business by the quality of your site.

When your website has a professional presentation, with quality content, good speed, and the site answers their questions or needs quickly, people will think your business is professional, quality, fast, and the right choice to meet their needs.

Who Do You Trust with Your Money?

Your website has a direct impact on your ability to attract new customers and keep current customers. Your site could literally make or break your business.

Now are you going to trust the guy in his basement or the teenager next door to build your “silent sales rep?” Can you afford to lose that much business? It turns out, getting professional services may even be less than you think.

Cutting Edge Technology

We employ cutting-edge web design styles and techniques to deliver a sleek, modern look. Your website is an extension of your company’s brand and we’ll work with you to capture your unique voice and personality. After all, this is your website, your sales rep, and the site needs to reflect who you are as a company.

We use premium tools to ensure your site is fast and is optimized not only to work on desktop but on tablets and phones as well. We also build so that Search Engines can easily understand what each page is about, and we go through a quality audit to make sure your site is right the first time.

What About Social Media on My Site?

When we build your site, we also keep social media in mind. We can create links to your social media accounts so people can hop onto your Facebook page right from your site, or they can see how many Likes you have earned as social proof that you are a great company to work with.

And My Other Questions?

Of course, we also ensure your site is tied into your analytics account so you can see how your site is performing and engaging your current and potential customer base.  

On top of our website building, we also host your site. This is not the cheap hosting you get from some of the big names, this is premium hosting at a budget price. We make sure the site is always running the latest software (important to keep the site from getting hacked) as well as make regular backups of your site in case something goes wrong.

How Much Does a New Site Cost?

How much is a new site? Well, you are not a cookie, so we do not want to give you a cookie cutter answer. There is a huge difference between just updating a five page site to be mobile versus making a brand new e-commerce site. Since we want to save you the most money, we find out what your actual needs are and then you can feel confident we have given you the best price on your, professionally built website.

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