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Let our team handle your social marketing. We take the guess work out of social media.

Why be on Social Media?

The short answer is, to make more money. Why do you think all the major brands are using social media? Daily millions of consumers are making their buying decisions on Social Media. Yet most people do not understand the connection between Social Media and their Bottom Line.

What is the Connection Between Social Media and My Bottom Line?

Social media is about social connection. With all the faceless businesses out there, people are tired of companies just wanting to take their money. They want real human beings to interact with. Social Media is about making that human connection. Not only that, but it is also about creating multiple “touch points” in the lives of your customers and potential customers. Marketers have known for ages that familiarity creates trust and trust in your business means people are more likely to spend money with you.

Does Social Media work? A full 77% of Business-to-consumer companies and 43% of Business-to-Business companies found customers from Facebook (from Business2Community). With the millions of people on Social Media daily, can you afford to just hand over this large territory to your competitors?

Why Have Someone Manage My Social Media

The truth is, most businesses have multiple social media accounts, accounts that are largely ignored or managed poorly. These businesses with poor social media are creating more of a bad reputation than a good one.

For instance, it is also a misconception that all you have to do is post something on your Facebook page once a week to win at Social Media. Over 50% of content does not even get a lousy 10 likes. (from Buzzsumo). Here is the deal, if you figure in how much you spend in dollars by sitting in from of Facebook for hours every week getting no results you will find using a professional is a whole lot cheaper in the long run.

Beside, don't you want to spend your time working on what only you are good at instead of pretending you are a jack of all trades? For most people, the only way they will make money through Facebook is to use the help of someone who knows what they are doing.

Digital Harvest Started with Social Media

Social Media is where our roots our, having started the business with helping others on their social media. With years and experience and training, we not only get results for our clients, we get noticed (like when Facebook approached us about doing Beta Testing on some of their new products). We specialize in creating brand awareness and help you attract new customers as well as retain existing ones using our powerful marketing tools on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & other social media sites.

Call us for more information of how you can cost effectively win at Social Media today!

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