About Digital Harvest Marketing

Digital Harvest Marketing is a full service marketing agency just outside of Hartford, Wisconsin. What that means is we are a turnkey marketing answer and have the ability to service all of your needs in one place. No more running to different people to get all of your marketing done.  

While most of our clients are in Southeastern Wisconsin, we also have some dispersed throughout the country as well. We are growing fast almost solely through client referrals because of the reputation of excellent service.

The company was founded several years ago when Rick Neuman sold his group of Verizon Wireless stores to chase after his new found passion of Social Media & Online Marketing. Since that time, Social Media has changed a lot, and so has the business. Several team members and specialists have been added until piece by piece, the company has grown into a marketing powerhouse for its clients.

With new clients signing up often, Rick stays just ahead of the curve, continuing to bring top talent into the company so he can ensure every client gets the best service. To be able to employ top talent yet provide reasonable prices, Rick keeps overhead low by choosing a debt free business model, allowing some of his team to work from home, and by investing in the right technologies that allow the team to provide excellent service at an affordable price.

Rick set the ethos of the company early on, a team focused on a clients Long Term success is the only way he will do business. The team is highly motivated and enjoys the thrill of seeing our clients succeed more than they thought possible. If you are reading this, feel free to give us a call to see if Digital Harvest Marketing might be a good fit for your company.
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