Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Why Do I Need Help with Email Marketing?

I hope you are not one of those people who think email marketing is buying a list and sending off a ton of emails.  
First off, if you are found buying a list, you can get blacklisted by many of the major email marketing management companies with little hope of ever using their services again.

Second, if it was easy to whip out an email and get tons of orders or new customers in return, your email would be chock full of offers (like 10 times the emails you get now). Email Marketing is effective only for those who know what they are doing, but for those who do, the rewards are generous.

It turns out there is a lot to know about email marketing before you jump in. You want to know the science of marketing psychology, the rigors of A/B testing, the written and unwritten rules of email marketing (so you don't get blacklisted by email providers for being spammy), and that is just to start.  

What is a company to do, when a GOOD email campaign can be an inexpensive way to get an excellent response?

Enter in Your Email Marketing Hero

First off, we have the experience to help you build an email list of your customers and potential customers in a non-offensive and effective way. We show you how to unlock the secrets of creating your own high quality email lists. Why buy a list when, with just a little bit of help, your best list is within your grasp?

We then use our marketing team to hand craft your emails. We can add in your custom graphics, links to your special offers, and create easy ways for people to order or contact you. We recommend completing test emails on a small group of your list before sending the email to everyone to ensure we get the best response for your money.

We also carefully choose the timing for your clients to receive the email to ensure they can take the desired action right away.

We want your emails to win you more clients, more orders, and more success. Earn more money on your email campaigns by allowing us to help you today!

Feel free to give us a call right now to get more information on how your email can make you more money.

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